-Provide a playing opportunity for elite women’s soccer players
-Bring the game of soccer to all levels of the community
-Promote the stature of female athletes as role models for our youth


The Northwest Premiere League (NWPL) is an elite, adult, amateur women’s soccer league competition featuring Northwest Clubs in Oregon and Washington, USA. The NWPL is connected with FIFA, US Soccer, and the United States Soccer Association. Players are elite high school, current college, and former pro adults who maintain amateur status.


When you invest in CFC Atletica, you invest in the future of girls and women.

Players are fueled by the opportunity to elevate their game, gain exposure, inspire
the next generation, and give back to the community that built them. Our youth recreational and competitive players become inspired to push themselves harder, pursue their dreams, and follow the path created by their local idols. Children and adults in the stands to enjoy a day outside watching elite level competition in their hometown, and delight in the excitement of witnessing history in the making.

Come join us or ask us how you can get involved!